NEW: An introduction to using forensic evidence in cases of psychological suffering in animals with Dr. Rebecca Ledger, PhD, FRSB, Animal Behaviour and Welfare Scientist

Federal and provincial animal welfare legislation refers to ‘suffering’ and ‘distress’. For example, under the Criminal Code of Canada 445.1 (1), “Every one commits an offence who (a) willfully causes or, being the owner, willfully permits to be caused unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to an animal or a bird…”

While historically, the vast majority of animal cruelty prosecutions in Canada have centered on the presence of physical injury and disease using physical evidence, since 2014, an increasing number of cases are now being prosecuted on using behavioural evidence of emotional / psychological harm.

This webinar will review important constructs behind emotional suffering in animals: scientific evidence to support whether animals experience affective states, a framework that can be applied to assess welfare and suffering in animals, and some animal cruelty case studies where these constructs may be applied.

Note: you must be approved members of the NCPAC network to attend this webinar. If you are a Canadian Crown Prosecutor or allied professional interested in this webinar, but you are not yet a member of NCPAC, contact us at before June 14.

June 28, 2017 at 1pm - 2pm EDT
Canadian Federation of Humane Societies · · 613-224-8072